Month: December 2013

Jared’s Sources

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California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC).

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

Alliance for Water Efficiency.

“Urban Water Management Plan 2010″. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Cohen, Yoram. “Graywater- A Potential Source of Water.” UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

Water Conversions.

Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD).

Villaraigosa, Antonio. City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. “Securing L.A.’s Water Supply.” May 2008.


Additional Resources

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If you want to learn more about water conservation you could visit:

By: Zhi Chang Joo Hu

Aquafornia: It gives a greater detail of each of LA’s Water sources:

LA Stormwater FAQ: It answers some of the most common questions that people have about rain water pollution and other common questions related to the topic.

The Nature Conservancy: This document gives a big deep on where the watersheds of California are and its levels of protection.

The USGS Water Science School: This pages gives an introductory lesson on how aquifers work, which is important in order to consider run off capture successful.